Meet the CoGlow Amigos

  CoGlo Amigos logo Welcome to CoGlo Amigos and our community!  We have so much we want to share with you and hope you will enjoy following along on our weekly stories and activities for you and your family to enjoy!  Sign up here to get notified when we have something new and wonderful !  Our stories are easy to navigate on your laptop or you can swipe and turn pages in our stories with a flick of your finger. First, let’s meet the Amigos!  

Hi, I’m Annabelle! I always see the silver lining in life and hope to make every day the Best Day Ever! Some of my favorite hobbies are traveling, roller skating, and spending time with my friends.

Hi, I’m Mingo Rose! My favorite activity is gardening. I love taking care of both people and plants. We all need a little tender love and care sometimes

Hi, I’m Glory! I used to be very shy, but I learned how to let my colors shine bright! Being confident is very important to me, so I love making other people feel good about themselves too.

Hi, I’m Rico! I like to travel all around the world. Learning about new languages and cultures is so cool to me! But my favorite thing is teaching others about the places and people I meet.

Hi, I’m Gazzie! My favorite thing to do is play sports! I love to run, jump, and leap with my friends. Competition is fun, but at the end of the day, the best thing about it is spending time with people I love.

Hi, I’m Leonard! I may be quiet sometimes, but I’ve got plenty to say. I prefer to read books and take long walks in nature. But when me and my friends get together, don’t be surprised to see me roaring with laughter.

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