3, 2, 1... goal!

CoGlo Amigos Story Corner

Annabelle and the CoGlo Amigos are on a soccer team.

Annabelle loves to play with her friends..

One of the most important parts of soccer is working together. 

It is important that a team listens to each other and shares the ball. 

That is how the best teams win the game!

Annabelle plays defense. Her long, tall neck is perfect for keeping the other team from getting close to the goal.

Mingo Rose is the goalie. 

She blocks the other team's soccer ball with her big ears and trunk.

Leonard the Lion helps with defense too. 

He guards the field to make sure that no one gets past him and his ferocious mane.

Glory plays the middle of the field.

She helps everyone else to work together. She passes the ball to her friends.

Rico the Cheetah and Gazzie the Gazelle are super fast.

Together, they play the front field to get the ball in the goal.

Together, they work  to make a goal and score!

Help Annabelle score a goal!

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