Coglo Amigos Story Corner

Annabelle goes swimming

Annabelle is a giraffe with lots and lots of bright, colorful spots.

Regular giraffes are brown, white, and sometimes yellow.

But Annabelle  is not a regular  giraffe.  She is special!

Because she is so special, she does not always do things that other giraffes do…

Annabelle likes cooking and skating and having sleepovers with her friends!

She also loves to go swimming; other giraffes just stay on the land. First, though, Annabelle makes sure to ask an Adult for permission. Adults know that it’s important for Annabelle to have a swimming buddy.

Annabelle puts on goggles and a snorkel.

The goggles let her see underwater.

Annabelle makes sure that it is safe, then jumps in!

In the water she meets lots of colorful fish friends.

The snorkel tube brings air from above the water to help her breathe.

One fish takes Annabelle to a secret coral reef. 

There are so many fish in the special hiding place that Annabelle could not tell how many there were!

Help Annabelle count all the colorful fish swimming around her.  Download the worksheet to count and color the fish.