Mingo Rose in the Garden

Yellow Leaves
Yellow Leaves

Coglo Amigos Story Corner

Mingo Rose, the pink elephant, grows a lovely garden.

She grows fruits and vegetables of all types, as well as beautiful blossoming flowers.

Annabelle, the brightly spotted giraffe, came to visit Mingo Rose’s garden.

“Good morning, friend!” Annabelle said, waving at Mingo Rose.

“Good morning, Annabelle! Do you want to help me?” Mingo Rose asked.

“I would love to! But I don’t know anything about gardens.” Annabelle said.

Mingo Rose got out some tiny little seeds from a pouch in her apron pocket. “These seeds will grow into strong, healthy plants if you give them plenty of water, sun, and soil.”

Mingo Rose smiled and said not to worry. She would teach Annabelle all she needed to know.

Annabelle picked up a few seeds and looked at how small they were compared to her. “I can’t believe that this little thing grows into a plant! It’s so little!” Annabelle said.

“They indeed do! Let me show you how it works. First, we make a hole in the ground, about 6 inches deep.” Annabelle dug a small hole.

“Next, we put a seed in the hole and cover it up with more soil.” Mingo Rose said, putting soil on top of the seed to fill in the hole.

“Last, we give it plenty of water and let the sun wake up the sleeping plant inside the seed.”

Help Mingo Rose and Annabelle Garden! Download the worksheet to color.