CoGlo Amigos Story Corner

The Letter A

Annabelle likes to eat Apples.

She likes to eat Apples in the Afternoon with her friend, Rico the Cheetah.

"I think Apples are Amazing." said Annabelle.

"But I can't decide what is most Appealing about them..."

"I like their Appearance, so bright and colorful."

I like the Aroma of Apples, so sweet!

"Any Animal would say the same, even the Ants!"

"And one of my favorite Activities is bobbing for Apples!"

Rico giggled. "That's A lot of Awesome reasons to like Apples!"


"You forgot the best one!"

"A is for Apples, but A is also for Annabelle!"

"A is for Annabelle's Best Ever!"

"You're right!"

she said.

Complete the worksheet to practice writing the letter 'A".

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