The Letter B

In school, Annabelle is learning her ABC's.

Today, the letter of the day is B!




The teacher draws on the board how to write the letter B.

It has one straight line, with two half circles attached.

The teacher tells the class to follow what she does.

Annabelle tries to follow the instructions.  She can't quite get it right.

"Teacher, this is difficult! I can't write B!"

"Let me help you, Annabelle," said the teacher.

"Sometimes it is helpful to imagine things that start with the letter B in order to write it." "What are some things that start with the letter B?"

"Let's see..." said Annabelle. "Bumble bees....

... Bananas...

and balloons!"

"Great job, Annabelle!" the teacher said.

"Make sure to keep practicing writing! I know you can do it!"

Can you think of things that start with 'B'?

Help Annabelle to write by completing the worksheet.